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To have abs the challenge!

Abdominal exercises to get a flat stomach!
Discover how to strengthen your abdominal muscles with our abdominal exercises. Discover our program to lose belly fat quickly and get a firm belly and a dynamic silhouette or even the famous chocolate bars!

The Get Abdomen Challenge

We will be your virtual sports coach to reach your goal! Learn the daily gestures to firm up your body by having a balanced diet, refine your waist for women or gain muscle mass for men. Work on your abdominal muscles on a daily basis, targeting the internal and external obliques, the transverse muscle, the pyramidal muscles, and don't forget to strengthen your back for a good balance!


Hiit, burpees


Eat less and better


Rebalancing, weight, fat levels

A program for all Men and Women!

The objective of our program is not only aesthetic. We are looking for physical and mental well-being! For this we will give you some advice on how to do sports in an intelligent way, how to link all the exercises, how to motivate yourself and keep your goals in sight! Whether it is cardio training or crossfit, our fitness program is complete. We will explain to you with our nutrition tips how to gain and lose weight and which food supplements can help you! Get ready to change your eating habits with our paleo inspired diet! Rebalance your body to reduce back pain and avoid injury while losing body fat and gaining lean mass!









Highlights from Past Races and Events

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Abdos Man / Abdos Woman

The Program

Abdos Man or Abdos Woman our program burns fat is adapted according to your objectives!

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The Trainings

The most adapted sports coaching based on high intensity, get ready to sweat!

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Follow-up of your evolution

Improve your physical condition and get visible results quickly with our tips!

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To lose belly and have a flat stomach, you don't need to make huge efforts! You just need to change your habits! It's very simple, you just need to have a simple lifestyle with some daily exercises.
Julia PilasSPORTS COACH - Crossfit champion

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